In poker there is a big difference between the newbie  and the average player.

As the newcomers take more time to make decisions at the poker table, average players are able to instantly throw their bad starting hands or raise with confidence. Many people manage to acquire some basic skills in order to distinguish themselves from the absolute novice.

Let’s look at the worst mistakes that average players do and how to deal with them.

1. Overestimating your abilities 

The difference between a new and a average player is so obvious that the average player often thinks that because he is no longer a beginner is better than he is. By learning some basic concepts and getting used to the game traps, any such player can speaks the language of poker and finds his place in the poker world. But this level of comfort is actually misleading. So the average player may seem an expert for the novice (and think of it himself), but it is not.

The solution is to stay humble at the poker table. The top players are learning new poker strategies all the time.

2. Blaming others for your own mistakes 

Calling beginners “fishes” or “donkeys” is a common thing in online poker, but won’t help you grow. They are complaining about bad players being reason for their losses instead of focus on their play. If you want to get better you should start to respect your opponents and learn how to deal with losses and tilt.

3. Hold your hand for too long 

Many poker players have a favourite hand which they play with till the river. “Liking” your hand is a common problem of the average poker players and should be avoided. Players who have learned few lessons and then applied them mechanically tend to get into trouble. They do not have the flexibility to get out of good starting hand.

Being able to throw away your hand when it is necessary is a key skill for the best poker players. Average players need to gain more experience in order to overwhelm this problem.

4. Being too tight preflop 

The other mistakes have to do with the game itself, and one of the most common among the average No Limit Hold’em players is to play too tight before the flop. While some newcomers will play too loose with their starting hands, average players often play too few hands. It’s actually understandable, but it’s a serious problem.

Playing only premium hands in poker is giving a huge advantage of your opponents. They could easily predict your hands and use them against you. Stealing your blinds is another thing good poker players often do.

5. Bankroll management  

New and average players often are underestimating the importance of bankroll management. You can be a winning player, but without a knowledge how to manage your profit things could go bad quickly. Your bankroll depends on what game you play, stakes and experience. This side of poker is not so attractive but must not be misjudged in order to become a good poker player.