Maurizio Sarri’s ball superstition revealed

Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri has a strange ritual during every game. Jorginho revealed his manager’s bizarre superstition on match days. In an interview for Chelsea’s official YouTube channel, he admitted that the specialist did not touch the ball during a match.

‘The way he seems, that’s how he is. He has no secrets, he’s a simple guy.

‘He has his… beliefs, his superstitions, as everyone has. For example, he won’t touch the match ball ever. Even if we’re losing, the ball goes out and we need to get the ball back in play as fast as possible, he won’t go near it, no way, he won’t touch it’ , said Jorginho.

‘Then there are other things too, but that’s normal no?’, midfielder added.


Hazard shared how Chelsea was under the direction of Sarri

Chelsea winger Eden Hazard has expressed his opinion from the new manager of the London team, Maurizio Sarri. The Italian mentor has been at the top of the six-time title in England since the start of the season, and the Belgian star has trusted that the team feels superbly under the guidance of an Italian specialist.

Former Chelsea boss Antonio Conte had been quite negative during his last company headed by Stamford Bridge, the main reason being the disunity that was in the dressing room of the blue. It also unleashed the mood in the public space, but after the arrival of Sarri, the harmony in the dressing room has come to a full effect.

“I think Sarri’s going to lead you is wonderful, since you love football. We try to keep the ball and find the important decisions in the sophisticated moments. We have good players, and those who came as Georges and Matteo Kovacic are very good players. We are all happy on the pitch, “Hazard confided to the media in England.

“We need to continue the way we are so far. We are fulfilled with hope. Liverpool matches are such that you always want to show up and stand out. We have hopes in the two duels with them, “continued the bronze medalist with Belgium from the 2018 World Cup.


Sarri: Hazard may be the best player in Europe

Chelsea manager Maurizio Sari praised Eden Azar after a 4-1 win over Cardiff after the Belgian scored hat-trick.

“Eden Hazard is unique. I thought he was one of the best in Europe. But now I am changing my mind as maybe now he is the best in Europe” said Sarri.

“I think he can score 30 or 35 goals this season,” added Sarri. “Within a couple of minutes, that estimate had grown. ‘Eden only arrived back two days ago. Yesterday I told him for me he can score 40 goals.”