Service Strategy in Tennis

Service Strategy in Tennis

Tennis is interesting and overwhelming sport. Tennis games are offering us many possibilities for winning bets, you can bet on almost any event in the game. However in this strategy chances to win are on your side.

What is it?

Most of you probably know that in tennis 2 players are playing till one of them win 2 out of 3 sets or 3 out of 5, depends on the tournament. Every set has 6 or 7 games. The essence of the strategy is to bet on the server to win the game.
Usually the player who serves has a big advantage to win the game. Of course you should bet on strong players with good service.

Step by step guide

Normally, bookmakers are giving odds for winning service game between 1.10 – 1.40.Let’s say you start with £10. Pick up 2 games with big favourites and start betting on the favourite player to win his serving game. On 1.30 odds you win £3 each time you bet. Most likely the favourite one will win all of his serving games, at least 3 in each set. If you bet on 2 tennis games at the same time you are going to get £18 for less than an hour.
Sometimes when both players are serving well you can go on and bet on both of them to win their serving games. That means you probably have 12 winning bets per set. We recommend to start betting with small amount at the beginning, be responsible.
To make successful bets, first you can take a look at the statistics between 2 contenders. If any of the players had a serious injury lately, avoid the game.


Like every other strategy, this one has one negative. Sometimes, the favourite player can lose his serving game. In this case you lose your bet. It happens rarely but if you feel your favourite is not playing well, just skip few bets to avoid losses. But usually the top 20 tennis players are winning their serving games against weaker contenders.

What to avoid?

Be really careful with women’s tennis, it is less predictable. If for any reason you want to bet on it, please make sure you know the statistics between players. Of course you can do reverse betting – bet on the favourite to lose his serving game. This way, odds are much higher but it’s also very risky.


If you are a tennis fan and want to make some money, you definitely should try this strategy. If you lose a bet, just stay calm and choose carefully your next one. Give yourself time and start winning today! We have selected the best bookies for this strategy: