Party Poker Review

Party, being one of the three largest poker sites in terms of volume, offers great opportunities for both cash game and tournament players. On the one hand, the site provides some of the softest cash games around but also a wide variety of tournaments, including PKOs and Turbos, with bigger prize pools on Sundays. Furthermore, they recently even halved the rake on bounty tournaments (which is quite uncommon these days as their rival site, Pokerstars went in the exact opposite direction a couple of months ago, increasing the rake on Micro MTTs). This move is basically benefiting all players on the site and might be perceived as a step in the right direction, expressing the site`s future potential.

Apart from that, previous issues with the software have been solved which, in addition to the recently increased prize pools, could attract more players in the future. Customer support and the cashback system might not be the best but a generous Welcome bonus makes up for that. Also, it is worth mentioning the fast deposit/withdrawals processing, taking only a few days for you to receive your profits. Overall, as a regular player on the site, I would say that it is the best choice for anyone at the moment (especially if you are a tournament player), regardless of the stakes you play or your poker ability.

If, by any chance, you get bored of poker or just need some time off, there are other possibilities to make some money on the side at their Casino games or at the Sports section. However, if that is the case, don`t forget to make use of the Casino promotions, including the Casino Rush Hour (offering up to 10% cashback on the mobile games) or the Live Dealer Cashback.(T&C’s Apply 18+) For more information, check their site.

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