D’Alembert’s Betting Strategy

D’Alembert’s principle is named after its discoverer, the physicist and mathematician Jean le Rond d’Alambert. However we will apply the formula in our betting strategy. D’Alambert‘s system is better and more improved than Martingale‘s strategy. There is also a mathematical progression here (geometric progression to be accurate), but this approach is not so aggressive, because instead of doubling the bet when we lose, we just increase it once. In this way, you have more time to return the loss  if negative streak occurs and so it wont be detrimental to your bankroll.

How to apply it:

We should bet on min. 3.00 odds in order this system to work. First we choose a stake, for example £5 . If we lose the bet we add the primary bet (£5 + £5) and bet again. So for example, if you lose 3 times in a row you have spent £50 (including the 4th bet of £20) but you win minimum £60. As you can see there is a profit of £10 . When player wins he should decrease the betting stake once with the primary bet ( if the winning bet is £20 – £5 =£15) and bet again. This system is safer than most and player could make some extra cash. Of course, we at BIB are advising for responsible betting without taking huge risk.