Charity organisation is worried about the rape charges against Cristiano Ronaldo

“Save the Children” admitted that they are worried about rape charges against their “ambassador,” Cristiano Ronaldo. The scandal with Portuguese star is escalating. The case is about the claims of Catherine Mayorga that Ronaldo raped her.

The case appeared late last week in the German newspaper Der Spiegel, which published a document that Ronaldo had paid Mayorga $375,000 as an out-of-court settlement to sign a confidentiality agreement. But the 34-year-old woman asked the Nevada police to reopen the case and declare the contract invalid, claiming she was “cheated” by Ronaldo’s representatives to sign the document.

The Juventus striker named Der Spiegel’s “fake news” and accused Catherine Mayorga of wanting to take advantage of his popularity, but authorities in the US have confirmed that they will look again at the case.

“Mr. Ronaldo vehemently denies all of the allegations in the complaint and has consistently maintained that denial for the last nine years,” said Ronaldo’s lawyer.