Under / Over Football Prediction

What is it?

In this article we will review what Under/Over bet is and why it is profitable.
Sometimes you want to bet but both teams are equally strong. It’s hard to predict who is going to win. This way you might choose betting on the total amount of goals in a game. The most popular among bookmakers is Under / Over 2.5 goals. When you choose Under both teams must score less than 3 goals. Over you need more than 3 goals to win. In both predictions you have 50% to win and they are eliminating the chance of draw.
For some matches, bookies offer Asian Bet on Under / Over. This means if you select over 2 option, you will get your money back if the game finish on exactly 2 goals. But be careful because some of them got extra rules and better not combine it with another bet. Always look at the bookmakers betting rules first.

Here are some examples for regular bet:

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